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Would You Survive An Attack On The Energy Grid?

Successful cyberattacks happen on an almost daily basis in the U.S. No industry is immune to being hacked. The electric grid is no exception. Without power, critical infrastructure, including telecommunications, sanitation, transportation, and healthcare shut down. A simultaneous attack on only nine substations could trigger a near nationwide power outage.Read More

How Vulnerable Is The U.S. Power Grid To A Terrorist Attack?

According to the Associated Press, there have been about a dozen of cases of foreign hackers hacking into the US’s power grid. In one, Russian hackers were able to spy on U.S. energy companies by introducing malware into their systems. In another case, Iranian hackers were allegedly able to getRead More

Defending America’s Electric Grid

Paul thank you for joining me today you recently finished a paper for us on emergency orders to protect the electric power grid what are emergency orders and how do they help protect the grid well first of all thanks to APL for giving me the opportunity to conduct thisRead More

American Energy and Manufacturing Competitiveness Summit Introduction

 If as a country we focused on energy we’d be amazed as to how many other problems suddenly start getting a lot better.  The reason it’s so important to invest in clean energy manufacturing now is that there is this global race for clean energy advantage. We can beRead More

SCARY Report On How Vulnerable Our Power Grid Is

Almost every American everyday relies quite heavily on electronic devices in the home your computer is charging your smartphone some of us even our cars and things like that we all rely on its electricity but our greatest strength could also be our greatest weakness so what would actually takeRead More

How Secure Is The United States Power Grid?

From transportation to telecommunications, health care and banking. The digitization of our infrastructure has made our daily lives more convenient, but it’s also opened us up to the threat of cyberattacks. Yahoo’s hack of over 500 million accounts will make it the biggest data breach ever. Equifax, which, as youRead More

A Catastrophe We’re Not Ready For – Solar Storms

Are we ready to face a global blackout? Try to imagine that if the power supplying millions of people is suddenly interrupted, And it lasts not just a few hours, but months or even years … Caused the world to fall into chaos And it completely collapsed the system fromRead More

How Do Substations Work?

When installing an electrical appliance, it is easy to overlook the electricity actually comes from. Electricity puts all electrical appliances to work Transmission and production are very far from each other, especially today that they have no limit ,,, but are sold and bought Its complication is very large fromRead More

How Does the Power Grid Work?

The modern world depends on electricity, it is not just a luxury we use for energy Our devices and enjoying our free time is not just a convenience to own them Light heating and cooling in electrical buildings is crucial Resources, especially in urban areas, provide safety and public securityRead More

Our Power Grid Is Failing. What We Can Do About It?

Our current power grid is basically a giant firehose of electricity going from power plants to your house. But what if it were efficient, two-way, and let you use your neighbor’s solar panels? That’s the SMART GRID! Sup guys, Trace here. In 2003, a tree limb touched a high-voltage powerRead More