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The Future of Rapid Transit in Denver

Transit is becoming more and more important to the people working and living in the region furthermore like several other great US cities Denver approved to transit ballot measure in recent years in Denver’s case fast tracks which has led to an explosive rate of expansion in its rail networkRead More

Why US Airports Are So Bad

Singapore’s Changi Airport is considered by many travelers to be the best in the world. Have a long layover? Stop by the butterfly garden or catch a Disney film at the airports movie theater. In Qatar’s Hamad Airport for a few hours? For about 50 bucks, travelers can swim lapsRead More

Road diets: designing a safer street

This road might not look like anything special. But what if I showed you the same road, a few years earlier —notice anything different? Here’s a better angle of that: The old road has 4 lanes for traffic. The new one has two. And now there’s this middle lane forRead More

The Future of Texas Transportation

I think still it’s fair to say the next 20 years will see greater leaps in transportation slash mobility technology than we saw in the prior 100 years. Texas is changing every day. Growing. Building new communities, businesses, and even new types of transportation. TxDOT looks at the future ofRead More

Smart Cities – Infrastructure and Transport of the Future

The world is changing rapidly The city continues to develop and the urban population continues to rise The demand for the transportation of people and goods is increasing day by day Problems of traffic congestion, air pollution, road traffic accidents and climate change are also becoming increasingly prominent Humans needRead More

Why The U.S. Has The Worst Public Transit System

Around the world, as many as 25 countries have high speed rail systems connecting major cities.. But the US has been lagging behind in modern methods of public transportation. Recent reports suggest that American cities rank among the worst for transit systems. So, why is US transit so bad? Well,Read More

Why Can’t America Fill a Pothole?

From left-wing Democrat to right-wing Republican, Everyone loves infrastructure. We all want safe bridges, smooth roads, and world-class airports. So why can’t we have them? So why can’t we have them? Why are America’s bridges falling down, Our roads riddled with potholes, Many major airports are in disrepair? and manyRead More


These are ten megaprojects the U.S. desperately needs to complete in the near future. They each represent many other projects awaiting approval and funding in cities and towns across America. A bullet train in Texas would help ease traffic in Houston and Dallas that will only get worse as theRead More