SCARY Report On How Vulnerable Our Power Grid Is

Almost every American everyday relies quite heavily on electronic devices in the home your computer is charging your smartphone some of us even our cars and things like that we all rely on its electricity but our
greatest strength could also be our greatest weakness so what would actually take to bring down
the electrical grid across america have a little bit information is coming
up from reported by The Wall Street Journal and they looked into a report by
the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that said this if you destroy just nine
interconnection substations and a transformer manufacturer the entire US great would be down for at
least 18 months probably longer
That is not the Wall Street Journal implying that that is the FERC saying
that now I don’t personally know how much it would take how much coordination would take %uh many people and resources to take all those down but it does seem less difficult than you would imagine out there do and you’ve been looking lately I’ve been following the story at degree news report and that’s 10 the the really shocking things about
this particular Park report better backtrack a little bit back in a
pearl there was a sniper attack on a an electrical transmission
substation in San Jose and they had a small group II fibers
they’ll know how many people were there but in about ninety minutes they knew where shoot anywhere today
where all the vulnerable spots were on a substation they were not able to bring it down
Tthey fled but once police got there and they could work around at the electrical
grid operator but the state worked around that there
weren’t any blackout it really didn’t get a whole lot of attention yeah I’m this however this report is an
internal report that was put together an analysis for the Federal Energy
Regulatory Commission Burke and this is what the Wall Street
Journal obtained and it actually breaks down what the minimum level love a roadmap to
blacking out the entire United States would be so during a heatwave the FB with nine
substations we have thirty critical substations apparently but as he was
nine could be taken out and strategically placed around the country and if you
could also knock out a transformer manufacturers transformer
stake about 18 months to build one from scratch and they’re very expensive so really have any so we don’t have any
backups you know
We don’t really have a whole lot a backup but as transformers and GI in stock and that is one of the things
that was really surprising about this particular Wall Street Journal article
which perk and then came out and said this was highly irresponsible we should
not be publishing a roadmap even know all the details on the specifics were
not a location but we shouldn’t get a location is what
I did but they said we should be publishing a road map like this and the Wall Street Journal’s basically
saying you know the former Burke chairman came out and said there’s
over a year ago he didn’t detail exactly how many but he
did say we are extremely vulnerable because our centralized system in our
aging infrastructure
Is the substations right? Because there’s one right next to Starbucks I got all the time they don’t
have any credit for I don’t understand is a substation how do you not have
wheat bread but right yeah ago yeah I’m sorry my road ahead usually hey what about okay there fed there have been some some changes that are going to happen you know that that congress they said okay we need to read to boost our security around the substations but you know exactly what needs to be done
and who’s gonna pay for that when we have such a you know our
congress isn’t moving forward on a whole other infrastructure
I always really fascinated with how of Congress and the US government as a
whole is always so

worried and paranoid about non threats okay you actual yeah may get notified
about it in your head time in their life what s yeah and then
the you know then you have a major paper publishing how bowl eligible we are to
this catastrophe and they’re like no you don’t want to
publish that road map how will you pay attention to the road map and you do
something to protect us from a potential disaster but never know we just got to make sure
we keep finding the Defense Department we gotta make sure that we keep spying
on Americans because as a senator Feinstein has said
you know they’re people abroad with big bombs yeah month ago bomb I very hearings sillier than that like we
should be doing this that’s why do

I don’t care that it’s irresponsible they
mention it it and nothing else he could scare the government doing something
about protecting at apparently right now there are no
federal rules requiring utilities to protect the vital substations except those at nuclear power plants
which many are not but you don’t like the fact that my
Americans are more scared about the threat of gay marriage than they are
better entire electrical grid being taken down think it’s ridiculous and yes of course
they would be extremely difficult for individuals little or maybe a tad
terrorist organization to take all these down very hard a military threat of ours a
country like China Russia or something like that still not as difficult and at
the thing is also the former chairman
apparently said that you think the solution is a distributed network
I love solar power generating units around the country which i think we have a lot of other
benefits as well what would help to protect us against the circuit at Star
you know advocated for investing in renewable energy don’t remember what I once a lender I dried failed yeah in veterinary nurse want our solar industry likable yeah
it’s one thing that I thought was really surprising for the for chairman to come out and say that you
know because generally burgers only dealt with the you know the a big utilities and for him
to become an advocate for this decentralized you know non
privately-owned which is you know what most where
utilities are their own by investors and they are very difficult to get them to
go along with that with any kind of new regulation
So that’s a pretty big deal for him to come out and say distributed generation is the way to go
decentralized it helps us in storms it helps us a natural
disasters it helps us all over the place and yet
we still have that that whole thing from the for example
republicans shall we say I’m know how they always say that their
big terrorist talks but when it comes to actual terrorism they shut up they don’t
say anything yet know they’re gonna stop all those at minimum wage terrorism
coming across the border have been cutting our grass

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