Infrastructure Development

The construction and improvement of transportation, energy, water, and digital infrastructure results in economic growth and improves quality of life.

Innovate for the future

Innovative ideas and application are necessary to engineer critical improvements to critical American infrastructure

Current Initiatives

Current initiatives address the three classes of threats to critical infrastructures: Natural - earthquakes, tsunamis, land shifting, volcanic eruptions, extreme weather (hurricanes, floods, drought), fires. Human-Caused - terrorism, rioting, product tampering, explosions and bombing, theft, financial crimes, economic espionage. Accidental or Technical - infrastructure and hazardous material failures and accidents, power-grid failures, water-treatment facilities failures, water-mains ruptures, safety-systems failures and a host of other disasters of omission and/or commission.

Repair Aging Infrastructure

Critical bridges and roadways are in dire need of repair and/or replacement

Digital Infrastructure

Service Executive

Energy Resilience

Build storage, redundancies, and emergency generation that are responsive to strains or failures in the electrical power system

Why The U.S. Has The Worst Public Transit System

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Our ailing water infrastructure

Our communities infrastructure must be replaced as it ages. Investing in new pipes ensures that both water and sewage travel efficiently and securely. This means reliability for today and tomorrow.

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