Smart Cities – Infrastructure and Transport of the Future

The world is changing rapidly The city continues to develop and the urban population continues to rise The demand for the transportation of people and goods is increasing day by day Problems of traffic congestion, air pollution, road traffic accidents and climate change are also becoming increasingly prominent Humans need more transportation but we must achieve it in a smarter way
Here are the scenarios we set for the future Outside the city, vehicles and self-driving trailers Operate in a safe and confined area Electric vehicles can be charged when cargo is loaded The driver enters the cab and guides the convoy to the public road If possible, dedicated bus lines should be used Autonomously connected trailers can create a safe, modular and flexible fleet To meet different transportation needs Flexible fleet can be adjusted according to operation plan Realize the exchange of goods on the way-equivalent to a mobile integration center The transportation system is realized through an integrated cloud platform
Connected vehicles, people, transportation infrastructure and logistics partners In cities, sensors for automatic garbage trucks Detects all movements

around the car’s surroundings And automatically respond to any potential accident risk— So as to ensure personal safety and prevent accidents in advance City buses driving in groups will improve the efficiency and passenger carrying capacity of public transportation With a noise-free, zero-emission bus, we can bring public transportation closer to you Even driving in buildings

This opens up new opportunities for urban planning It only takes a few minutes to get from the charging grid at the terminal Charge the vehicle quickly and efficiently How can we do it in a more sustainable way Building future cities and infrastructure? The future is electrification-zero emissions and low noise The pure electric excavator can enter the sensitive area of ​​the city to operate Imagine a quiet, zero-emission city Imagine a cleaner, safer and more efficient use of resources And it does not affect our daily life and health The future is here, and we are ready

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