Local water infrastructure: Where do we go from here?

The world is about 71% water our bodies more than half so it’s clear to see water is one of the most important natural resources today as we look into our city’s water infrastructure will be looking into its past water woes, its current infrastructure, and the future of this key resource. Looking back to more than ten years ago, there’s been at least five water boil notices issued by the city of Corpus Christie. The cause is nitrification, a potentially hazardous process that occurs in our water system and we’re not a finished product. We want to make sure that we maintain water quality the best we can and we know what’s happened in the past and so that’s helped us learn a lot.
Out of a lot of lessons learned and those lessons have been detrimental to our city. Some of the most recent water woes getting national attention but it’s so important at this point that people be aware vigilant that the city communicate with them constantly. And they stay out of that water and not use the water until further notice since. Then major improvements have been made to prevent nitrification from happening again. I believe we have conquered nitrification we will not be having an aggregation those improvements. Include adding chlorine dioxide to the treatment process which adds a layer of disinfection to the water changing the tank cycling program to prevent water aging from happening.
Getting rid of dead-end mains which are old and prevent the water from flushing and most importantly implementing a nitrification action plan which allows the city to take action immediately if they notice a change in our water quality. We’re so proactive now that looking ahead I have plans for the next 25 years how we can make our system better so how does the future of our water infrastructure look? Comes to our water supply we are a wholesale water supplier for nearly 500,000 citizens and in our coastal bank community more than

325 thousand of those are Corpus Christi residents and with a growing population. Our water supply from the four current water based sources is sensitive they’re kind of susceptible to droughts to weather conditions to the environment.

Currently the city of Corpus Christi gets its water from Lake Corpus Christi Cho Canyon Lake Texana and the Colorado River which was added when the Mary roads pipeline phases 1 & 2 were built these supplies have strengthened our overall water supply as our surface water supplies continue to be susceptible to drought and the city’s population grows.
Funding new resources is critical currently the city of Corpus Christi is working on a few different types of water supply strategies such as offer storage and recovery and we are in the process of of a sea water desalination project sea water desalination which is the process of using ocean water and removing the salt being a hot topic not only in Corpus Christi but around the world if you get in trouble with those other sources.
You have the alternative of sea water desalination having a mixture having an alternative helps you when you hit a crisis and with international companies moving into our area state representative Todd hunter a longtime advocate for sea water desalination operation in the state of Texas that makes us number one today in continuing in the future as for a time frameĀ on when we can see a seawater desalination plant in our area city officials say they’re already looking into plans but it could be another few years before construction could begin back to you

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